'Ambition Can't Wait' was the saying I needed to hear to remind me that my success tomorrow is dependent on my success today. 这句话在我毕业后会一直伴随着我, 提醒我成功只差一个决定.
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现在你正式成为澳门葡京娱乐龙,了解你的步骤 这些都是你们在澳门葡京娱乐学习时所需要的. Be sure to follow the relevant steps for you in order to begin successfully from day one.

Have Questions?

你也可以通过电子邮件联系招生办公室 enroll@audubon.a-loan-calculator.com or phone at 215.895.2400.



转学生应该期待收到有关 转让信用评估 via email.


转学生应 提交CSS配置文件 第一个学期开始前的一个月. 如果你还没有这样做, be sure to complete the CSS Profile using Drexel's school code (2194).


一年级学生 可以在9月1日前提交入学延期申请吗. 为了请求延期审理, you must first confirm your enrollment by May 1 via Discover Drexel and submit the non-refundable $300 tuition deposit. Once your confirmation is processed, you may submit a request to defer your enrollment. Your request will then be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and a decision will be sent to you via email. Learn more about 一年级学生延期入学.

转学 who wish to defer their admission to a future term must submit a written request for an enrollment deferral. 若要申请延期,您可以通过 发现澳门葡京娱乐传送门 使用申请查询表格,或者你可以 email Drexel at enroll@audubon.a-loan-calculator.com 说明你希望延期的原因. 延期申请应包括:延期的原因, 在延期期间你将做什么(i.e., working, volunteering), 你要遵从什么条件, and any other information you believe will be helpful to the Admissions Committee. 在收到请求时, it will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and you will be notified of the decision by email. 如果延期被批准, you must enroll within one year and you are only eligible for one deferral. 如果你获准延期, you must still submit the nonrefundable tuition deposit in order to be officially deferred to a different term. Learn more about 转学生延期入学.

Drexel recognizes the significance of superior scores earned by incoming first-year students on Advanced Placement (AP) examinations administered by the College Board. Students should arrange to have their scores sent directly to 澳门葡京娱乐 from the College Board. 澳门葡京娱乐理事会的学校代码是2194. Scores will be reviewed by your academic advisor after you have confirmed your enrollment. 有关AP信用的其他信息, 包括大学的AP学分转换表, please review the 教务长对大学先修课程学分的学术政策.

澳门葡京娱乐 recognizes the significance of superior scores earned by incoming first-year students on select higher-level International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations. Students should arrange to have an original or certified copy of exam results sent to 澳门葡京娱乐's Office of Admission. Exam results will be reviewed by your academic advisor after you have confirmed your enrollment. 有关更多信息,请参阅 Provost's Academic Policy on 国际学士学位 [PDF].

Drexel reviews college coursework completed by all admitted transfer students and may grant credit for courses completed at a college or university that is either regionally accredited or a recognized candidate for accreditation according to the Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission of Higher Education.

To receive transfer credit for courses completed at another institution, the courses must be substantially equivalent to courses offered in the desired curriculum at Drexel and you must have completed the courses with a grade of C (C=2.0) or better. The number of credits you can transfer will be determined by your academic department once you've been admitted. Note: Some programs may require a grade higher than a C to transfer credits.

Learn more about 转移信用评估.

Official transcripts from the college(s) an applicant attended should be sent to Admissions along with a 高中双重入学证明表格[PDF] by June 30 in order to receive an evaluation of college-level coursework completed during high school.

Coursework will be evaluated by the academic advisor after an applicant has confirmed enrollment at Drexel. Typically, coursework is transferable if the applicant has received a C grade or better, has not used the coursework to satisfy high school graduation requirements, 该课程作业适用于申请人的学习课程. 但是,学术顾问将做出最终的评估.